15 power phrases to rock sales prospecting

Our business is nothing without prospecting. When did we stop last time and checked our words that we use to do business with leads, customers and potential network? Client acquisition is directly linked to vocabulary acquisition. With my decades of experience, these are the 15 magical phrases that will make you rock sales prospecting.

Its time to clean your closet up, get rid of old vocabulary and get some new “Magic words” — phrases that can change your life.


Every word coming out of your mouth is an opportunity to make someone special and take charge of the conversation.

My gratitude to Jeffrey Gitomer, Brian Tracy and Grant Cardone for all the inspiration all the time.

Also read how I found billions of dollars of advice at $1.

There were many that I had collected however sharing the best that you can apply in any scenario like

  • Meeting new people
  • Job interviews
  • Customer meetings
  • Handling objections and
  • Closing sales
  • (the examples are the ones mentioned in italics)

Give it a shot and have some fun!

1. “I’m not sure if this is for you but..”

To be used when giving an elevator pitch or a simple question from someone like “what do you do?”.

Instantly builds curiosity and invokes at least a query from the other side.

Thats what we want.

“I’m not sure if this is for you but we help companies make more sales”.

Who doesn’t want more sales?

Do you need more skills. You will be surprised with these 3 selling skills. 

2. “Open Minded”

We all like to believe that we are open minded because the opposite of it is being closed minded.

“Would you be open minded about giving this a chance?”

“ How open minded are you about increasing your sales numbers?”

People tend to have high esteem about themselves and being open minded ranks high.

This statement challenges their information and perception about themselves.

3. “ How would you feel?”

People take decisions based on either emotions or logic.

People either avoid a loss or work towards a gain based on how they feel.

“ How would you feel of you were in complete control of your sales systems?”

“ How would you feel if you were highly successful in selling your services?”

Like the guru of law of attraction Neville Goddard says “Feeling is the secret”.

4. “Just imagine”

My favorite and highly overused by me.

Research says we think at least 2 times before taking a decision.

And we always picture ourselves in the scenario that warrants that decision.

“Just imagine you on a holiday but your business is getting high quality leads based on organic ranking”

“Just imagine, you had a strong pipeline and had complete control on your sales numbers.”

We buy using emotions but justify it with logic.

Words mixed with emotions create memories — let your prospect go on a memory trip.

5. “ I’m guessing you haven’t got around to ..”

“I m guessing you haven’t got around to looking at those documents.”

I’m guessing you haven’t got around to making a decision yet?”

By pushing for the negative scenario, you get people to rise to the positive.

They can’t give you the same excuse the one that you are already asking.

6. “ What questions do you have for me?”

This phrase replaces the boring “any questions?” after a presentation or a meeting.

People are aware that it is a sales process and the sales-guy has vested interests.

So never masquerade any emotion or activity.

Push them to ask questions — short and punchy.

Give your buyers that feeling that they are in control of the buying process.

7. “ As I see it you have three options”. Finish with “ what is going to be easier for you?”

Focus on their buying process and not your selling process.

It should feel good for both of you.

Research proves that this phrase puts the focus on decision making and the power of “three” is easy to remember and listen.

“As I see it, you have 3 options to choose from, our auditing, consulting and coaching services. What is going to be easier for you?”

We always feel relaxed when we have options, instead of someone trying to push their agenda on us.

8. “ There are 2 types of people in this world” finish with “I bet you are a bit like me”

Very powerful phrase and should be used to boost the decision making process.

Salespeople are paid to influence people to take decisions.

Decision making becomes easy when the choices are bipolar.

“There are two types of people in this world , one who resist change and the second who would learn something new and want to see results. And I bet you are a bit like me.”

Say nothing after his. Silence. Let them talk.

This phrase brings about a personal connect with the buyer and you are trying to peel a little bit of their facade to see what’s beneath in a non controversial manner.

9. “If.. Then”

We have been conditioned to believe in outcomes and imagining ourselves in those outcomes.

“If you sign up now then I promise you will be happy to have taken a bold decision”

As customers all we want is an assurance that we are doing the right thing. And this phrase is just about that.

10. “The good news is” finish with “what most people..”

Decision time.

Your customer want to visualize that they aren’t alone who are doing this and there are others as well.

“The good news is that you are not alone. What most people do is to they start with a small sales auditing project and then move up to consulting”

“Most people in your circumstances would grab this opportunity. The good news is there is no risk.”

Sales is a mind game, and you are easing them into take a decision. No pushy, no rushy.

11. “What happens next”

Time to control the conversation — instead of asking what the other person wants, guide them into what should happen next.

“What happens next is that we will email you a standard NDA and an agreement copy. Please go over and send it back.”

Its a smooth flow to an outcome that you want

12. “ Just out of curiosity” plus “ what makes you say that?”

Questions means control. So when objection comes return it with a question.

Client prospecting, again is all about control. Never let go of it.

A successful negotiator is the man who is asking the questions.

“Just out of curiosity, what is it in specific that you need to make up your mind?” “What makes your say that we are expensive?”

“Just out of curiosity how much time is needed to arrive at a decision?”

You have come so far, you can’t let it slip.

Invoke questions and return it with questions to challenge their status quo.

13. “ If I can… then will you?”

Now that the customer is talking and letting you know why he can’t take a decision, maybe its the price or its too risky.

This statement bring about a solution and shows that you are willing to work with them

If I can reduce the price will you sign the order today?”

“If I can start small, will you be able to convince your partner,right now?”

14. “A favor”

“ Could you do me a small favour?”

When someone thanks you for your service or your time, it’s a cue that its “Referral time”

“Could you do me a small favor — would you know the guys who run a similar app development in your building?

“Could you do me a small favor — would you help me meet Mr. X tomorrow at the seminar?”

Once again, silence. Let them talk.

Favors are always “small” and it makes them believe it’s nothing that they are doing for you.

15. Share your top magic word that works like a charm.

We all have some phrases and words that we believe work for us in different scenarios.

I am always eager to learn more.

Please do drop me a line or two.

Prospecting takes practice

I hope you would use this as a cheat sheet, practice with your friends, colleagues and bring it into your natural language.

Compound effect of doing something small each day would yield high results at a later date.

Magic words work with most of the people most of the time.

And don’t forget to ask BIG BRAVE questions.

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