Do you have these 3 Sales skills?

Sales is all about 20% skills, 70% persistence and 10% style. The old school selling skills are gone, they dont work anymore. Let’s look at these 3 sales skills that you probably didn’t guess.


The who objective of sales is to meet random people and convert them into customers, convince them to part with their money, paint visions and overall they keep the party going and the booze flowing.

The efforts of sales people directly impact the top and bottom lines.

So if you are in sales, responsible for getting money, focus on skills that is needed today.

Traits over skills

Skills are hard, traits are soft.

The marketplace pays for your hard skills and respects for your soft skills.

You could be a great data scientist but when speaking to an audience you don’t have voice modulation, intonation and poor articulation, you don’t command respect.

We see so many people around who have tons of degrees and professional certifications however suffer from poor traits such as lack of confidence, body language and interpersonal skills.

Sales teaches one to build soft skills more that the hard ones.

We also need mentors to be great at Sales. You can’t miss reading this. 

Sales people can’t survive with hard skills alone. If a sales guy has great memory, he can memorize product manuals and brochures and even objection rebuttals however if he doesn’t have the right demeanor and personality to speak to a client all those pounds of data inside the brain is of no use.

Guess a sales job is like being in the Army. It gives you skills and rigor for life.

Let’s look at 3 of the simple, divine and innate qualities, that a great salesperson uses.


The universe is nothing but an energy bundle. If observed through a powerful electroluminescent microscope, everything in this world is interconnected via energy.

“Change your state, change your story” — Tony Robbins

Starting from the salesman trying to sell you encyclopedia to the guy seeking you a car or a piece of software, it all a display of consistent energy.

I sold some encyclopedias on the street. Read my story here. 

  1. You need energy to smile and sound enthusiastic for 8 hours a day, and years together.
  2. Energy is what gives confidence and assurance in your customers.
  3. Energy is needed to pull to when you are down.
  4. A degree of high Energy is needed to interact with your stakeholders — superiors, Peet’s, investors, customers and new hires.
  5. Energy keeps us aware of your emotions hence the right words flow out.

Let’s pick up a sport, walk long distances, run, swim, do yoga, whatever it takes to be a in a prime State of high energy.

Salespeople knows energy is his friend and the most potent tool in their armoury.


“Give gratitude in advance for things that will someday be yours” — Denzel Washington

What do we think when we look at a seed?

It looks so un-useful and so ordinary.

However lies within is the power to grow into a mighty tree which could survive for centuries together.

For a petty seed to grow out, it needs to be first planted inside the darkness of the soil, get the right nutrition, water and sunshine.

Then the seed keeps growing out of its comfort zone and becomes something out never was.

Gratitude for salespeople is the key to growth. It’s life sunshine and fertilizer for them.

Thank your boss, your company, your team members, staff helping you. Tusk your customers for giving you the business, thank then for renewed business.

Thanks for your commission that gives you a lifestyle. Thank the trainers and coaches who taught you in your journey.

Thank the assistant who helped to set up the bring we your customer. Thank your marketing team who at getting leads.

Gratitude is a latent power within us that needs to be unleashed for our growth film that seed to a plant and eventually a tree.

Gratitude is pure energy that needs no effort.


There is something magical about pursuing something until it yields.

“ FOCUS simply means follow one course until success” — John Lee Dumas

Persistence is godly and is again one of my personal favorites.

When nothing works, just persist.

The irony of our human race is that majority of us are mediocre at everything because can’t keep our focus going one single vocation for a stretched duration of time.

Start and stop of any activity midway is a sure shot recipe for mediocrity.

Great salespeople know how to persist till they get that connect, that account, that deal, that commission check.

Even if it takes us to an annoying level — let’s persist.

With high energy, gratitude and persistence best salespeople conquer territories and dominate.

They are unconventional and they lie inside the very soul of everybody. Let’s tap and capitalise.

In closing the skills needed to be great in sales

  1. Energy
  2. Gratitude and
  3. Persistence

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