We bring in stead flow of leads from LinkedIn

Lead Generation using LinkedIn Automation + a great team

Ideal for businesses looking to sell to North America, Australia and Singapore markets

"These guys really understand the functionality of LinkedIn. We ran several campaigns and generated many leads. " 

John Petrucci, Dream Theater Enterprises

"I can't recommend Karmaworks enough. They quickly stand out as a genuine thought leader in a saturated space where everyone claims to be a LinkedIn marketing expert. Very direct, professional and reasonable rates." 

Rod Aquino, SoftwareONE


  • 1,500 Connection Requests Sent Per Month

  • 50 Targeted Connection Requests Daily

  • 300-400 New Connections/Month on Average

  • 30-60 Warm Leads Per Month On Average


  • Fully Managed Linkedin Lead Generation with a Dedicated Account Manager

  • A Dedicated Account Manager Assigned To You

  • Data Scraped Of Every Lead Including: Name, Company, Email, Phone (if available), Location, Industry, Position Title

  • Leads Are Evaluated And Status Is Tracked So You Know Where They Are In The Funnel

  • Account Manager Responds For You And Even Books Calls


    • 4 Step Email Sequence Written
    • All Data Including Email Scraped From All New Connections
    • Emails Scraped Even From Those That Don't Accept the invitation
    • Priority Client support
    • Automated email follow ups
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many warm leads can we expect each month?

Our typical clients receive 30-60 warm leads and 4-8 booked calls a month.


How do the results vary between Pack 1 and 3?

If you are buying a fully managed approach (Pack 3) we would supply an account manager who can manage the inbox and reply for the client and even book calls.

Having this layer helps us know what's going on in the account and improve results

But if you go with the starter package (Pack 1) we do all the leg work to get people to reply but would rely on you the client for feedback about the quality of those conversations so that we can improve results.


What kind of clients do we work with?

We tend to do really well with people that already are aware of Linkedin lead generation maybe have tried it on their own even but see how hard it is to stay consistent and time-consuming it is to manage.


How long until I can expect leads to come? 

Our clients tend to see results in as little as 5 days but most campaigns take 3-4 weeks to hit
"full speed". This is because our process builds momentum every week as the sent pending requests (requests we have sent that have yet to be accepted) grow to over 1,000.

At this point, there is a steady flow of new connections flowing in daily and being qued into the message sequence.


How are you guys different?

Our big selling points are A. We have never gotten a client account banned. B. We have worked with 400+ companies C. we have a mostly US-based team that includes sales navigator experts, sales copywriters, and account managers.

Our secret sauce

1. scrape data/email/phone of all new connections
2. Set up endless message drips on complete autopilot
3. detect replies and automatically pull that into any spreadsheet or CRM
4. able to scrape the data and find valid emails of those that DON'T connect with us
5. Able to automate the funneling of all those emails into an email marketing campaign

In addition, having run 400+ of these we know what kind of messaging works and can share our top current client successful campaigns.

On-boarding process

- purchase the package and receive an in-take form (google form automatically emailed upon purchase)
-Once the in-take form is submitted we work on messaging strategy and get it back to the client within 48 hours.
- The client makes changes/edits and approves messaging
- we set up a 10 minute time to get connected to their account
- Once connected we set up the automated messaging and search groups and ready to hit play