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5 Sales Techniques to learn from Narendra Modi

Sales is 80% inspiration 20% perspiration!

This article is a simple take on sales techniques that we can learn from different world personalities.

Sales lets you learn from so many different quarters like sports, entertainment and sometimes from politicians.

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It’s been ages since India had a leader who would be written so much in the international media for his personality and charisma than all the issues that plagues this nation.

Narendra Modi probably after Rajiv Gandhi comes with a natural flair for oratory and a likable personality that helps overcome the political protocols set with statesmen world over and allow him to be seen more as a friend.

The master in sales

He comes from the state of Gujarat known for their business acumen and strong grit in getting things done.

He has a goal and vision in mind and goes about like a true salesman to get people investing in India and bring those dollars in the house. Some traits that we can learn from Modi the leader and the brand that he is and his style are as below:

The gift of the gab: 

You just can’t deny when he held thousand of people rapt with his mere words and dreams at Madison Square Garden NYC.

It wasn’t that a country’s PM was addressing a diaspora.

They had come to see the man talk and talk he sure can.

His control on his pitch, painting a vision so serene that you would eventually buy comes with a combination of pauses, electric moments and the right amount of satire.

He is a complete natural and doesn’t miss a beat or fumbles when he speaks in English as well, which isn’t his first or second language. He has made a career by opening this gift and really utilizing it.

Sales is all about Relationships:

Like a true salesman, he is busy networking and growing India’s business. (Click here). Until Modi, I haven’t seen at least Indian leaders taking selfies with the who’s-who of the world.

Be it the serious Chinese premier to the Australian PM to the kings of Dubai.

They all fell in line to this simple gesture of taking a picture.

He cares less about selfies but conveys a message that these people mean something to him and they are willing to do business with him.

Modi goes that extra mile, literally to make them feel wanted in this business relationship and invokes cultural linkages of the past to generate that special warm and fuzzy feeling.


Sell to your strengths:

Modi knows India’s weaknesses but he is optimistic about India’s strengths.

Hence he sells the “clean India” drive at home and sells “make in India” abroad.

These initiatives are looked on as inspirations for a lot of third world nations.

He is selling exactly what he should be selling i.e. India’s demographic dividend and the entrepreneurship drive of the youth.

No wonder billions of dollars are continuing to pour from all over the world either to make something in India or to support something made in India.

Be liked first: 

Modi is liked at home, liked by our neighboring countries and liked everywhere he visits. He personifies the hope that he has come today to sell.

The number of votes garnered by him in the general elections have surpassed all imaginations and shows the liking of the Indian population to his leadership and his visions.

Marketing preceeds Sales techniques :

The “Modi” brand literally dominates all form of media that this generation demands you to be seen at.

From twitter to All India Radio, people can’t help but follow him. Second most followed person in China’s social media is an indication of his strong brand equity.

His flamboyant attire speaks sophistication yet stands out, like the pin striped suite with his name written all over. Leaders are supposed to communicate and he does that really well.

All the above without an MBA degree or professional experience. And above all, Modi does teach us something very fundamental that is to “keep it simple”.

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