Karmaworks Consulting (KwC) provides clients with clear insight into their customers’ needs across multiple demographic segments. KwC then works with them to develop innovative sales strategies that yield a high return on investment (ROI).

Our marketing and sales capabilities include brand strategy, customer relationship management, sales optimization, channel strategies, pricing, customer segmentation, and marketing strategy.

We love working with majorly these 3 types of business personalities

1. Ground Floor Businesses – the Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs offering Services

  • Do you struggle to articulate “What do you do?” or “Why should I buy from you?” and “What makes you unique?” and “why they should do business with you”.
  • Are you running your business on Hope, Luck and Word of Mouth?

We build a Sales Blueprint and a Flight Plan for business predictability.

2. Level 1 Businesses — Businesses in highly commoditized, competitive and mature industries – needing Sales Strategies, to scale and grow to the next tier

What happens often is that once business has achieved the first or second level of success, there is a feeling of getting STUCK AND SATURATED

We help build Lead Generation Streams, Performance Measurement Systems and New Areas of Sales Growth 

3. Sales Leaders, Founders, CEOs –looking to strengthen their own Sales muscles, help grow their organizations

Do you have the skills and the attitude of what it takes to drive results and bring in revenues into your organization?

Now completely step out of the chaos and the self created hamster wheel of your business and focus on the next level, the next steps, and making forward progress

Work with someone who will challenge you to think bigger, push you to be bolder, and help you become better.

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